DORR Wave Care Toy Care System

Utilizing advanced ultraviolet light (ultraviolet-c wavelength, also known as UV-C) to effectively kill or inactivate 99.9% of bacteria, virus, molds that may be found on pleasure and adult toys.

UV-C light technology is one of th most effective and widely used sanitizing methods in hospitals or medical labs.

Wavecare is discreet, compact and portable; it can be used at home or for travel. Lithium-lon rechargeable battery ensures uninterupted operation when AC power source is not available.

Material: Plastic

Length: 9.21″

Height: 2.17″

Width: 3.15″

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To check if the battery requires charging, simply press the power button to pwer on the WAVECARE Care System.

If the LED indicator stays lit, the battery level is more than 25% full. To shut-off the care system, simply press the power button again (the LED iniactor will turn off).

If the LED indicator pulsates slowly, the battery level is appoximately 10% full.

If the LED indiacator pulsates repidly, the battery level is depleted and requires immediate recharge.

To charge the care system, sipmply connect the included micro-usb charging cable to the charging port, located on the top lid. It takes approximately 2 hrs to fully charge the care system. Connct the other end of the charging cable to a USB source such as USB adapter or computer with spare USB port (both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports are supported).


1. Lift the top lid open from the wavecare unit.

2. Place intended product(s) into the wavecare container.

3. Place the top lid securely back onto the wavecare unit.

4. Press and release the power button to activate the wavecare care system.

5. Wavecare will automatically shut-off after 120 seconds. Once the LED indiactor light switches off, the cleaning cycle is complete. (For best result, turn the intended product(s) upside down and start the cycle again).

SHUT-OFF: To stoff the wavecare care system during operation, simply press the power button (the LED indiactor will turn off).

SAFETY FEATURE: Wave care care system is designed with built-in safety feature where the unit will automatically shutoff when embedded sensor detects the top lid being opened, or the care accidental exposure to ultraviolet C rays.


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