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Struggle My Bed Restraints

Transform your bed into a bondage playground and enjoy the fettered throes of lust in soft satin.

Ideal for beginners, this bedroom bondage set can be used to create a full body restraint that’s quick and easy to secure.

Key features

Material: Neoprene/cotton fabric.

Suitable for more advanced couples.

Adjustable to fit single, double, kingsize and super-kingsize beds.

Folds down for travel and adventurous weekends away with your lover.

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4 soft cuff restraints with Velcro fastening make easy work of full body bondage, whilst the soft blindfold restricts your lover’s vision for total submission.

Connect the cuffs together as handcuffs or ankle restraints using the incorporated swivel clips, or append them to the included bed straps for a firmer restraint that securely binds you to your bed.

Simply place the bed straps beneath your mattress and adjust the length and widths to size, creating a platform for wrist and ankle restraint without the need for a bed frame or any specialist equipment.

The strap system measures 49 inches in length with two widths for the cuffs to attach, each measuring 98 inches across.

4 straps protrude from beneath your mattress, exposing 4 O-rings to which the cuffs connect, forming your bondage restraint.


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